Alaska College of Education Consortium

System-level Coordination

ACEC facilitates inter-university coordination and communication to meet the goals of 多多直播's Schools of Education

Common Calendar

Common Calendar 2018 - 2022

The Faculty Alliance Common Calendar Committee has developed a common calendar, coordinating start dates and breaks throughout the system, and are further developing coordinated course starting time alignment to facilitate cross-university instruction.


Information on Accreditation

All three universities, 多多直播A, 多多直播F, and 多多直播S, and their respective Community Colleges are fully accredited. In addition to institutional accreditation from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, 多多直播 has more than 60 program/specialized accreditations across the system.


多多直播 works with federal and state agencies and private enterprise to develop collaboration and growth in all areas of science and technology.
Cost of Attendance
The Office of Student and Enrollment Strategy supports 多多直播 professionals engaged in service to students.
Faculty, staff and student participation in university governance is an integral part of the university community's culture.
Career Coach
Preparing a qualified workforce is an important mission of 多多直播. This office connects 多多直播 programs with industry partners and demands.