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Sunrise Butrovich

 Audit and Compliance Services is an internal yet independent and objective assurance and advisory department that understands the culture of the 多多直播 system. We work with you as a team and in the best interest of the 多多直播 system to promote best practices to business and academic units and departments.

 Remember to contact us if you would like training or further information on internal controls, the internal audit process or what to expect in the event of an audit! 

System Office of Audit and Compliance Services Departmental Report for FY2023

The report provides a 鈥渓ook back鈥 at the department鈥檚 activities during the year most recently completed. Oftentimes, 多多直播 personnel interact with an auditor for only a brief period of time as we are conducting our assurance and advisory responsibilities. We understand that it can be confusing to see how this limited interaction fits within our overall responsibilities. The report describes the different projects and engagements we worked on, the outcome, and how we are fulfilling the requirements that are governed by the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards.